Other Games We Like to Play

Despite M.U.L.E. being our favorite computer game, in the '80s we nevertheless used to play a couple of other fine games on the Commodore 64 occasionally.

A couple of selected 8 bit computer games
A great view of our favorite games besides M.U.L.E.

These included multiplayer games like Spy vs. Spy, Bounces, Kaiser, Winter Games, Archon, Wizard, Jumpman Junior and The Castles of Dr Creep, Racing Destruction Set and, of course, Boulder Dash. And probably a couple more. Although most of these games didn't match the complexity of M.U.L.E., all of them were still quite enjoyable to us back in the old days of 8 bit homecomputing.

We also bought a copy of Robot Rascals which was being called the successor of M.U.L.E. then, but were somewhat disappointed after having played a couple of times.

Our favorite Single Player Games:
Blue Bonzoid Position Green Packer
Impossible Mission 1 Paradroid
Stellar 7 2 Ultima
Pirates! 3 Wasteland
Infocom text adventures 4 Pirates!
Lode Runner 5 Space Taxi
Paradroid 6 Impossible Mission
Agent USA 7 Uridium
Law of the West 8 Seven Cities of Gold
Defender of the Crown 9 Heart of Africa
Ultima IV 10 Elite
Frankie Goes To Hollywood 11 The Bard's Tale
Elite 12 Aztec Challenge

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