The M.U.L.E. Machines

Our multiplayer computer gaming history started in March 1985 on the Commodore 64 that the Green Packer had gotten for Christmas 1984. By Summer 1985, the Blue Bonzoid had saved enough $$ to head for the local Massa hypermarket and buy his own Commodore 64 computer system at the bargain price of only 1,200 German Marks

Commodore 64, WICO Joysticks, SONY KV-1412 and 1541 Floppy Disk
Blue Bonzoid's historic home computer setup in August 1985
Commodore 64 unit DM 488.00
Commodore 1541 floppy disk drive DM 699.00
2 rock-solid WICO Command Control Bat joysticks DM 150.00
SONY KV-1412 portable TV set (serving as monitor) DM 994.00
All this stuff is still in fine working order after 20+ years, I only had to replace a rectifier of the VC-1541 once.


Having played a number of other games within a couple of months, we finally came across M.U.L.E. in Autumn 1985. We soon discovered the vast possibilities of this wonderful computer game, and it became our all time favorite computer game before the year was over.

Today, about 20 years later, we have collected quite a number of vintage 8-bit computers on the flea markets ... and on eBay. Thus we also own the Atari computers of the early 80s ... and of course the Atari version of the M.U.L.E. game. On these pages, we'd like to introduce the computer systems of the past that supported the finest computer game of all time.

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