Nasty Success Stories

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Tournament No. 719: No $$ no land

Tournament No. 234 (View)

Green Packer made a lot of fast money through two big Smithore Gambits, despite the Blue Bonzoid's efforts to prevent this by growing and selling smithore each month. The Green Packer bought most of the smithore which was meant to become M.U.L.E.s for this colony, while the Blue Bonzoid spent a lot of money on land every month - because the Green Packer placed insanely high bids not to buy land but to diminish the Blue Bonzoid's money! This unrightful shortage of Smithore and M.U.L.E.s caused the righteous farmers on Irata an extreme sufferage and heavily disturbed colony development. In the first Smithore Gambit, the Green Packer sold 48 units at $243 each. Later in month #10, he even let a couple of M.U.L.E.s run away in order to push the smithore price up to $194.


Tournament No. 719 Figure 2: Taking Blue Leggite's main income away

The Blue Bonzoid's had hoped to compensate the mean earnings of the green guy through honest crystite mining by his very own hands; but this only made him crystite king in month #12, while it would not help him succeed against the unfair, immoral wealth of the Green Packer ...


Tournament No. 719: a worthless plot of land as compensation


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