Nasty Success Stories

Tournament No.
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Tournament No. 551: Getting the Computerling's money

Tournament No. 551 (View)

Around Month #7, everything seemed lost for the Blue Humanoid when he was on position #4 behind the two Computerlings, the Green Humanoid by far being the richest Player.

In addition, the Green Humanoid made even more money by selling a plot of Land to the Red Computer Player at $2,900 in Month #9. In a desperate effort, in Month #9 the Blue Humanoid marked 4 plots of Land for sale. He originally intended to make these plots of Land a present to his Red Computer Friend at a price of $52 each, in order to help the Red Player overcome the Green Humanoid's wealth.

But what no one would have anticipated became true when in Month #10 the Red Computerling bought two plots of good Blue Crystite Land at the considerable price of app. $ 1,900 each.


Tournament No. 551: A Month #11 as it should be

In addition, the Green one made two mistakes: at first, he bought all Smithore from the store (after having to buy all smithore from his Blue enemy, of course) at a high price, in order to prepare a Smithore Gambit - which fortunately failed.

Then, in Month #11 everyone had a severe lack of energy - except for the Blue Player! We do not need to elaborate on how the Blue Humanoid dealt with this situation, do we ...


Tournament No. 551: A Month #11 as it should be


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