Nasty Success Stories

Tournament No.
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Tournament No. 719: No $$ no land

Tournament No. 286 (View)

Blue Bonzoid did it again!

Mission: to win the tournament.

Objective: to use the Green Packer's greed for LAND! LAND LAAAND! against the Green Packer.


Tournament No. 719 Figure 2: Taking Blue Leggite's main income away

After a minor Smithore Gambit in month #4 the Green Packer felt like selling his very last MULE back to the store for a lot of money, leaving all his land empty!


Tournament No. 719: a worthless plot of land as compensation

Now the Blue Bonzoid suddenly needed exactly one unit of smithore each month at the highest possible price of course thus making MULEs inaffordable for the Green Packer: buy only one unit at $85, and each M.U.L.E. costs $170 next month (which only works on the Atari version). And when the little Green Guy was in need of food or energy, the Blue Bonzoid would pay every price for food or energy ...


Tournament No. 719: If you want the units in the store you need to buy mine first

While the Green Player slowly recovered towards the end of the tournament, he turned out to be a very gifted food farmer, producing huge amounts of affordable food for us three heavy industrials (Packers love food, you know). Which probably was sort of his duty, as in an evil plan, of course he had acquired all four river plots early.


Tournament No. 719: Green MULE waster

Well, the federation was pleased by by the Blue Bonzoid's success. Even the two computer players had done a great job and achieved positions 2 and 3. After the First Founder had talked to the captain of the space ship, they finally forgave the Green Packer his poor result and his childish grin.


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