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Tournament No.
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Buying all Smithore

Tournament No. 892 (View)

This originally appeared to be a typical hostile evening of M.U.L.E. - until in month #9 the Blue Leggite finally found that he was the only one to produce smithore on this whole damn planet, while his greedy coplayers were mainly growing crystite. Well ... time for a little Smithore Gambit, then!

While in smithore auction of month #9 the Green Packer tried (in vain, of course) to buy the red player's smithore at $148, he in month #10 did everything to prevent the Smithore Gambit by selling all his smithore. Despite owning already 54 units, the Blue Leggite had to buy all 18 smithore units sold by the Green Packer, which makes 22 units worth $5,500 just for the spoilage, as everything exceeding 50 units would spoil until the following month.


What should the competition need MULEs for?

Very soon everyone (except for the smart Blue Leggite, of course) was in lack of M.U.L.E.s. So in month #11 the Green Packer changed all of his remaining crystite M.U.L.E.s to smithore M.U.L.E.s in order to participate in the Blue Leggite's wonderful "wealth-through-smithore" program.


See the green Crystite farmer run for dirty Smithore

At least it was pretty funny to watch a greedy green crystite baron desparately run for dirty smithore ... and not a single M.U.L.E. left in the corral since month #9 already :-)


90 to 18

Then in month #11 payday came. Blue Leggite's 90 smithore units sold at $243 each while the Green Packer had again only 18. Blue victory was there to feel in the warm Irata evening air, everything went so well and seemed so smooth, life seemed so exciting, so easy for the successful Blue Leggite ...


No comment.

Then at the beginning of month #12, the heartless computer decided that Blue Leggite's mining M.U.L.E.s had deteriorated from heavy use. In addition, the Green Packer had grown some 20 units of food which was at about $200 per unit in food auction #12.

That was it. Thus the ugly green Packer won again by a difference of little more than $1.100, making a griefing Blue Leggite walk his way home through the night, going to write down these humble lines for relief...


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