Nasty Success Stories

Tournament No.
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A blown Atari 800XL

Tournament No. 376 (View)

During the trading phase of Month #5, the Green Packer had obviously left a box of matches in the store; the Green one often "forgets" his matches there, hoping to cause a fire that burns all the stock in the store ... especially when he does his Smithore Gambit.

Unfortunately, this time the store did not catch fire, but the Atari blew up instead. At the End of Month #5 our home computer passed away, making this Tournament null and void. Thus three honest planeteers on Irata had to suffer from the greed of just one single Green smithore speculator


Tournament No. 376 Results

After we managed to rebuy the red Mechtron's antique personal computer from the museum, in the replay of Tournament No. 376


And yes, it probably did.

Well done, Green Packer, very well done.


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