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Looks like a successful Smithore Gambit for the Blue Gollumer

Tournament No. 841 (View)

Since Blue the Gollumer had the best mountain plots and Smithore mines, it was time for a real Smithore gambit. He managed to buy almost all of the little amount of smithore the other 3 players produced, and then in month #9 earned $243 per unit.

Well, this was a setup we had not played for more than a decade - at least not since we've been documenting our Tournaments in August 2002 - but nevertheless each of us had hoped to play again: Blue was headed for an easy victory, while Green saw a welcome opportunity to humiliate Blue by winnig despite a difficult start.

Thus it naturally began with a wonderfully unfair land auction in Month #1, when the Blue Gollumer spend more $$ on a plot of land than the Green Packer had in his pockets.


Blue fighting the Green Food monopolist

A closer look to the map provides that Green had grabbed all 4 river plots in order to become Irata's Food monopolist, Blue of course took countermeasures by growing Food on 3 normal plots of land.


Buying at $182 ...

In Month #5 the computer fortunately revised its uneven decision and ruefully returned a plot of Land to the Blue Gollumer, who had - of course - already in Month #4 grabbed back his 3 mountain plot which the Green one was trying steal.


... in order to sell at $250!

Later in Month #5 all the stock in the store was lost due to a fire ... and to the Green Packer's pleasure!

The Green one started a Smithore Gambit which the Blue Gollumer was unable to prevent. In general, the Green one is so wicked as to make lots of money with his Food & Energy extortion business, usually enabling him to buy the entire smithore production of the following Month from his victims.


Green Smithore competition

This not being enough, the Green player usually likes to waste the MULEs that belong to the colony community in order to raise the value of his smithore.


No comment

It all ended in a fiasco, when the Green Packer indeed beat the Blue Gollumer. But hopefully no one will notice this disgrace here on the internet.


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